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About Borgstena

Our thread starts in 1925 in Sweden. We are a member of the Dual Group increasing our global footprint and production capabilities.
Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to improving the way the textile and mobility industries come together to create new, safer, smarter, more comfortable and sustainable textile solutions.

Research & Innovation

We apply a Human-centered framework to understand the real needs of the mobility end user combined with the latest technology and materials.

Design & Development

From briefing to reality you work with a dedicated multidisciplinary team that guarantees all technical specs and  efficient production processes.


Our design, textile and trim units are near the automotive supply chain hubs. We are located in 21 countries in 4 different continents.

Our services

What we love to do
New mobility consultancy

We help you navigate the automotive supply chain so that you can find the best partners for your next interior vehicle production.


A dedicated team analyses your briefing and design exclusive textile and trim solutions that harmonize with your interior concept.


Transform design ideas into reality guaranteeing high-performance solutions that comply with all technical specs and the more efficient production processes.

Research & Innovation

Understand end customer needs, market trends and the latest technology application for automotive interiors.


Near the supply chain in 21 locations around the world. Insure your goals with a supplier methods to be more sustainable and cost effective.

From yarn to the final shape of your textile interiors

in-vehicle applications

Yarn production

Our extrusion allows for the production of spun dyed yarns, and the texturing process provides for a variety of products with different DTex properties.
We have an in-house collection of melange yarns and standard yarns for everyday use, which makes our development and production service more flexible and efficient.

Warp Knit

Warp knitted fabrics are one of the most efficient technologies for high volume production. This technology offers flexible and adaptable textiles that are ideal for large vehicle interior surfaces and complex shapes.We test and develop sustainable material solutions such as the recycled polyamide ECONYL®.


We develop dobby and jacquard patterns on different scales and yarn types.
We test and develop sustainable material solutions such as ECONYL®, bio-based polyester, LENZING™ Modal, REFIBRA™, SEAQUAL® YARN, and recycled PES from textile waste.

Circular Knit

The properties of circular knitting allow for the creation of cozy, comfortable and flexible textiles, from heavy knits to sophisticated patterns. Its "fill" ability allows for 3D structures that can replace the heavy use of foams.
We test and develop sustainable material solutions such as ECONYL® and bio-based polyester.

3D Knit

We have created a new production area dedicated to flat knitting technology, a more sustainable way to take textiles from yarn directly to shape.
With the characteristics of a knit solution, it is more adaptable and comfortable, but the process avoids conventional cut & sew steps and reduces logistics and material waste.

Embroidery, welding and embossing

Enhance the visual and tactile experience of textiles with personalized design that helps you convey the look and feel beyond the textile structure.

Cut & Sew

Our Trim Units are located near the automotive production hubs in Brazil, Romania, Czech Republic and improved cabality with Dual Group units in Korea, China and Turkey.

In Portugal we also have a dedicated production line for baby car seats and complete truck curtains.

Car interiors

Interiors that enhance comfort and safety in your users journeys

Truck interiors

Complete textile & trim solution from seat covers to bedding and curtains

Baby car seats

Taking our experience from automotive to improve baby safety and comfort

Taking action to value people and the environment


We are committed to weaving the best design for the human mobility journey, with conscious action towards our environment, our employees and the global community.

NATIVA™ certified wool

Borgstena's wool products can also be available with NATIVA™ certified wool.

The Protocol regulates industry's procedures to keep the entire supply chain at top levels on responsible production, social engagement, and preserve the environment.It also ensures animal welfare and commits to respect, defend and apply the principles of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption at both farm and industry level.

Reduce CO2 emissions by 50% until 2025

Our goal is to reduce scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 50% until 2025 following the GHG Protocol methodology.

  • Redefine our production processes, buy new machinery and convert installations

  • Reduce natural gas consumption by 2% per year

  • 100% renewable electricity acquisition

Commitment through certification

To ensure the highest standard of our services and products, we are certified:

  • ISO 14001 - Environmental management system

  • ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety management systems

8 UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to meet and implemented contribute for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As the main contribution were identified 8 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Less/No water comsumption
  • Process optimization
  • Spun dye Recycled PES
  • Digital printing
    CO2 dyeing process
PUR foam alternatives
  • Spacer
  • Multiknit
  • Wadding
Recycled materials
  • Recycled PES
Bio-Based materials
  • Soya Bean
  • Bamboo
  • LENZING™ Modal
Natural materials
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Hemp
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